Understand about Single Shot MultiBox Detector and OpenCV’s Deep Neural Network

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Object detection is so important in the world right now as it is used in many fields like Healthcare, Agriculture, Autonomous Driving, and more. It provides an efficient way of handling image classification by detecting the object in the image and letting us know where it is in the image using localization, That is, it creates a bounding box around the object. This may sound like just another image classification algorithm but it is super powerful in the current world. Self Driving Cars use object detection (a much-advanced version…

Understand the concept of micro web framework Flask in Python

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Web Development in today’s time is very important for any business. Many big companies and startups rely on a great website to attract many customers. Web Development for a Data Scientist is essential today because to a customer or user, demonstrating the code and showing the output in a terminal form wouldn't make any sense if he is not from a programming background. This may lead to rejections. …

Understand the concept of distributed, in-memory key-value database, cache, and message broker


Modern world web applications require a lot of things up and running on the server to serve the purpose of users. Many developers don't know about the factors which can ruin a user’s experience. It depends on how well the code is optimized, how the server responds, how well the database is integrated and so. This may depend on the framework or the language developers use. But, Developers can optimize their application which can significantly increase the overall performance. One such thing they can optimize to increase the…

Understand the concept of an asynchronous task queue, distributed message passing

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Python is one of the best programming languages out there for web development. It is easy to learn and is flexible like most of the web applications on the internet. Task queue (or) Job queue plays an important role in a web application where it schedules programs (or) jobs to the queue for batch processing. This enables services (or) programs to execute in the background without disturbing other processes. This Task Queue is designed for asynchronous work. So, how can one actually achieve Task Queue? …

Understand the basics of parallel computing and Dask

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Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world right now. It is widely used in the field of data science and research. The reason python being so famous is because of its nature and its libraries like NumPy, Pandas, scikit-learn and so. These libraries are powerful to build models, train and also visualize them. But, this comes at a price. Though they are powerful libraries, they run on single-core, which slows down the process drastically.

This is the reason why Python is slow while doing machine learning computations. So…

Understand the basics of Docker and its real-world applications.

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Developing applications and deploying them in production is still a time-consuming and complex thing to do as a developer. We need to set all the dependencies, packages, libraries onto the server. The server may have some other OS and we need to build each dependency that is server-specific to run our application. Just by reading this, we get to know that this is a tedious process and requires a lot of time and energy just to set up the server to run our application. So, to avoid such work, Docker was…

Prepare your PC to run Deep Learning algorithms on GPU.

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Deep Learning is a booming technology and an advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Deep Learning is solving countless problems, especially in the healthcare and agriculture sectors. The accuracies are off the charts and it is hoped to be the next big thing. They are used to classify different types of cancer cells just by looking at an image with high accuracy. …

Automate the process of collecting data using web scraping easily using python.

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Data collection is probably the most boring and time-consuming part of doing any machine learning or deep learning project. But, if you look closely, it is the most fundamental part of your project. The more and diverse the data, the better and accurate the results turn out. But, collecting such data nowadays is challenging. We can’t spend too much time manually collecting data and spend hours on it. But, wait what if we had a technique or a workaround to ease this process. Is there a way? Can…

Having small image data to train on? Learn to generate your own synthetic images and populate your dataset.

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The crucial job of a Data Scientist is to collect /create data as much as possible so that we can train the model and get better accuracy. Insufficient data can be a major reason for low accuracy and inefficient use of the model itself. The number of images required to train your model is directly proportional to the model’s performance. But, this process has a catch, based on the problem you are working we can get the data easily by just surfing…

Build an end-to-end Chatbot with Flask and AJAX.

chat image
chat image
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A chatbot is an application that automates a conversation and interacts with people. They are mainly used in online businesses which include interactions between customers. This provides an efficient way of handling frequently asked questions and a better user experience. Chatbots have grown tremendously in past years and it is evaluated at a whopping 17.17 BILLION USD in 2020 and it is estimated to reach 102.29 BILLION USD by the year 2026. So, it is proved that chatbot has a great future ahead, and learning to make one on your own is…


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